We can help you with the Babelium integration process training your working team in the use of Babelium.

We also offer a 2-day crash course for teachers that want to learn how to create didactic multimedia material for the Babelium platform. You can contact us for more information.

Private instances

Get your own private instance of Babelium now and start using interactive multimedia resources in your learning program.

All the private instance plans include:

Technical support: A Babelium expert will help you with the issues you might have in under 24h. You get helped directly by the people who wrote the code.

Customization: you can have your own set of icons, logos, symbols, graphics, texts

Hosting: forget about complex install and maintenance duties. Let us handle that work for you

Backup: daily backups of your database and multimedia resources to keep your data safe. Restoration ...

Moodle integration

Take advantage of the Babelium Moodle plugin and add interactive multimedia capabilities to your existing Moodle platform.

Our support service can assist you in the process of integrating your existing Moodle platform with your private instance of Babelium as well as give you technical help for any issues you might have.