Varied and exciting exercises

Babelium offers a lo of flexibility in the creation of exercises thanks to it’s subtitling and event point marking system. This means the teachers can create varied and exciting exercises. Just to name a few:

Question/answer exercises: the teacher asks some questions leaving some seconds after each question and the student has to answer each question in the given time-frame

Fill the gaps exercises: some incomplete sentences are given, an image of what’s missing appears and the student has to complete the sentence.

Dubbing exercises: a conversation between two or more people. The ...

Comprehension skills

Not only the oral expression, with Babelium you can also enhance the comprehension skills thanks to the subtitling section, where people can (again in a collaborative way) add subtitle lines to an exercise with an editor made specially for this purpose.

Open source

Babelium is open source and free software. That means you can study, modify and redistribute the code without restrictions. Make interface translations, add new features, change design and layouts, add your own corporative color schemes or logos…


Moodle plugin

If you are using Moodle in your institution you don’t need to go out to an other platform to propose a Babelium based exercise to your students, you can integrate your private instance with  Moodle platform using the Babelium pluging for Moodle.

The plug-in works with Moodle 1.9.x and 2.x versions and offers an easy way of adding interactive multimedia features to your current learning program. If you have more than one Moodle instance, you can take advantage of Babelium’s video sharing feature that allows ...

Babelium Moodle plugin


The exercises that students upload to the platform can be assessed by the teacher or other users promoting the participation and collaboration of the students.

The assessment can have more than just number based scores, it is possible to add comments or even video comments to explain complex matters such as wrong pronunciation issues.

Video and audio based solution

Babelium takes advantage of multimedia resources such as audio and video to create exciting didactic material.

The teachers create video material and add some event points to it. Those points are the time gaps on which the students have to record themselves giving an answer fitting the requirements of the exercise.

To that end, the system will enable the students to record their voice (and if a webcam is available also their face), after asking permission for accessing their devices. Students can record as many times as they like (this can be ...