Babelium project

Babelium is a community of people who likes to learn and teach languages.
Babelium is a collaborative language practising environment. Here you’ll be able to improve your speaking skills with the help of other users, which are native or fluent in the language you’re practicing, whilst you help other users providing knowledge and assessment around your own mother language.
Just record or grab a video that you think could be interesting to practice a language and upload it so that other users can practice with it. You can also dub the exercises that other users uploaded. On top of this you can also assess the work of other people and be assessed.

You can test the whole platform at babeliumproject.com and moodle.babeliumproject.com or ask a guided tour.

Development team:


Hypermedia and Multimedia Research Group (HMRG), a group of researchers and students from the Basque Country’s Public University, focused on developing innovate web-based educational applications and services.


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Elurnet a company focused on open source training and development.